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General questions

While we understand that in today’s time it is hard to trust any company on the internet, for the protection of both yourself and us, we do require a 50% deposit. The 50% deposit serves as a “Booking Fee” to ensure that we can place your website in the development queue. It also gives you piece of mind knowing that if we don’t do our work properly, you don’t have to pay the remainder. If you have any questions regarding this matter, please feel free to Contact Us any time!
At this point in time, we only offer the templates that are available on our site, at the package costs. If you are looking for a custom designed website, you can send us your ideas and we can cost you accordinly on the design of the site and if we have available resources to attend to your site on a specific time schedule.
As we are based in Johannesburg, South Africa, we use ZAR.
YES! We will design all your wedding stationery to suit your website theme and colours. We however do not do any of the printing, we provide you with the digital PDF file that you would then need to take to your printer.

Content guide

The language of your content is completely up to you. You provide us with the content, and we will place it on the website regardless of the language.
Almost the most important item on your invite. This tells the guests where to go to for your wedding.
  • Your address and venue has to be specified 100% correct. You don’t want your guests to go to the wrong venue.
  • Please ensure that you send us the exact address, and if possible a google maps link to the exact position.
  • You can get the Google Maps link on the Google Maps website.
  • Search for your venue, and then click on the “Share” button. Copy and paste the link in the space provided in the website questionnaire.
Writing good content is very important. The wording of your sections has to be exactly what you need your guests to know. Each section on the website questionnaire has to be filled in exactly correct. Instructions are provided on the questionnaire on each section.
A review change is seen as 1 email in which all the applicable changes has been provided to us.
  • It can be more that 1 change.
  • We can unfortunately only allow 3 (complete) review change emails before we charge a R150 per review change fee.
The website questionnaires for each respective package can be found on the “Packages” tab under each package. If you have trouble finding them, here are there links:
  • The Chick Package
  • The Hare Package
  • The Owl Package

Image guide

There is nothing more that can make or break an invite like the images you use. Using images that are of a high quality standard are encouraged.

When we use images as banner images, the image fills the entire space of the websites content. This means that we have to crop or change a portrait photo so that the focus point of the image is in the middle. In most cases, it is very difficult to get portrait images to display correctly on a responsive website.In the image above, a portrait image is used as a banner image.

A Portrait image will not work for a banner image in the following cases:

  • The focus point of the image, stretches across the entire image. There is no space to crop the image so that it can fit into the banner image location cell.
  • The image is zoomed to far in to use as a banner image.
  • The image quality is below 200kb (KilloBytes). (0.2 Megabytes)
Landscape images:
  • Images which have focus points that are in the middle.
  • The images must not be zoomed in too much.
Whatsapp images can be used for banner images when the quality of the images are above 1MB (Megabyte), they can be used for gallery images when they are above 300KB (Kilobytes) (0.3 kilobytes)